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The Portrayal of Blindness in The Outsider and Oedipus the...

The Portrayal of Blindness in The Outsider and Oedipus the King A primitive motif in Oedipus the King by Sophocles and The Outsider by Albert Camus is blindness. The protagonists in the novels are blinded to a personal truth, and are physically blinded as well. In The Outsider, Meursault’s blindness is metaphorical, as he is negligent to his own absurdity, which he later becomes categorized as. On the other hand, Oedipus’s blindness is literal, as he is ignorant to the truth of his life; and the fact that he is incapable of escaping the destiny that the Gods have set out for him, which resulted in him gorging his eyes out. The characters suffer an emotional and physical blindness, which leads to tragic irony in Oedipus the King†¦show more content†¦Salamano himself is not incomparable to his dog as he has â€Å"ended up looking like his dog with reddish scabs on his face and his hair is thin and yellow† (p.30). Salamano mistreats his dog and swears at it until it cringes in fear, to the point where they both â€Å"stop on the pavement and stare at each other, the dog in terror, the man in hatred† (pg.31). Ironically, Meursault is blind and disregardful towards their desolate world and never comments on how miserable and unfeeling their situation is. Akin to Meursault, Oedipus is also blind towards accepting and understanding his life, and where he originated from. Astonishingly, given that Oedipus is given many hints that could lead him towards understanding his life, he still fails to detect them. The most distinct ironies in the two novels come from the blind prophet, as he is literally blind and yet he understands a great deal more than Oedipus, who was not physically blind at the time. Teiresias points this out to Oedipus very bluntly by saying â€Å" you have taunted me with blindness, you have your sight yet you cannot see where, nor with whom, you live, nor in what horror (411-413).† In The Outsider, the blinding light is constantly portrayed, and the main purpose of this would have been to highlight Meursault’s mental blindness. The light is usually brought about in the parts of

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Analysis Of James Baldwin s White Supremacy - 2238 Words

Since 1955 James Baldwin’s essay â€Å"Stranger in the Village† has become a legendary work which raises questions about racism, its history and nature. It is usually understood as a classic model which maps the obstacles that African Americans have encountered in white society; also the essay can be interpreted as a lens through which American blacks could perceive the world around them as a result of American slavery. Yet, these speculations fail to take into account the groundlessness of â€Å"white supremacy† which is evident from the author’s description of a godforsaken village where people are ignorant and literally entrapped. Moreover, it is unjustified for the protagonist to feel villagers’ dominance since it is inconsistent with circumstances that he presents to readers as well as the apparent advantages that he has over the villagers. And so, if we continue to see the story as simply discriminatory against blacks, we miss an important m essage of that there is something (values) beyond racial advantages, what the nature of genuine supremacy is (which could be based on other values rather than on color of the skin), (what are the things that are more important than the race) and we fail to make objective judgments of one’s unfeigned domination. In his essay â€Å"Stranger in the Village† Baldwin forces readers to confront their cultural assumptions about racial superiority and come to a new understanding of genuine supremacy through extoling contemporary American society overShow MoreRelatedI Am A M The Civil Rights Movement975 Words   |  4 Pagesgeneration fought against white supremacy. The older generation in comparison have been â€Å"so completely drained of self-respect and a sense of â€Å"somebodyness† that they have adjusted to segregation† (Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.). Many African Americans were discriminated against but to fight against it could ruin they’re way of life, they found â€Å"†¦their state intolerable, but are too heavily oppressed to change it, they are simply pawns in the hands of larger powers† (James Baldwin, 90). Many people duringRead MoreRacism, Prejudice, And Systemic Oppression1772 Words   |  8 Pagescareful consideration of candidates by factors including race. As a result Justice Blackmun perceives this to entitle minorities to special considerations, providing an advantage that would help to close the equality gap between themselves and their white counterparts. Similarly, Harris perceives law as a force that pretends to disregard superficial factors such as race, but in practice discriminates against minorities and their communities. In her piece Whiteness as Property, she argues that despiteRead MoreBlack Naturalism and Toni Morrison: the Journey Away from Self-Love in the Bluest Eye8144 Words   |  33 Pagespostmodernism with its emphasis on race, class and gender, but the theory of naturalism as well: the idea that one s social and physical environments can drastically affect one s nature and potential for surviving and succeeding in this world. In this article, I will explore Toni Morrison s The Bluest Eye from a naturalistic perspective; however, while doing so I will propose that because Morrison s novels are distinctly black and examine distinctly black issues, we must expand or deconstruct the traditionalRead MoreProject Managment Case Studies214937 Words   |  860 PagesPROJECT MANAGEMENT CASE STUDIES, SECOND EDITION - PROJECT MANAGEMENT CASE STUDIES, SECOND EDITION HAROLD KERZNER, Ph.D. Division of Business Administration Baldwin-Wallace College Berea, Ohio John Wiley Sons, Inc. This book is printed on acid-free paper. @ Copyright O 2006 by John Wiley Sons, Inc. All rights reserved. Published by John Wiley Sons, Inc., Hoboken, New Jersey Published simultaneously in Canada No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored inRead MoreStephen P. Robbins Timothy A. Judge (2011) Organizational Behaviour 15th Edition New Jersey: Prentice Hall393164 Words   |  1573 Pagesand permission should be obtained from the publisher prior to any prohibited reproduction, storage in a retrieval system, or transmission in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or likewise. To obtain permission(s) to use material from this work, please submit a written request to Pearson Education, Inc., Permissions Department, One Lake Street, Upper Saddle River, New Jersey 07458, or you may fax your request to 201-236-3290. Many of the designations by manufacturers

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Domestic Violence The United States Essay - 1405 Words

Every minute, twenty people are physically abused by an intimate partner in the United States. According to the Natural Coalition of Domestic Violence, after one year more than ten million men and women become a victim of domestic violence. Every year someone new becomes a victim. Every year someone gets physically harmed or even death. Every year someone finds freedom from domestic violence. Domestic violence is an act which one individual purposely harms another, usually someone they are close with, in order to please themselves or to get what they want out of it. Many American’s do not believe that domestic violence is a that big of an issue because many don’t hear or see it daily. The terrifying fact is that on average, one out of four women are domestically abused by their spouse. According to the New Choices, Inc. there are twenty-three warning signs that people are involved in a domestic relationship (Early Warning Signs of Domestic Violence). The majority of the signs including having the spouse being controlling and having to be in power. They are always having to know where the spouse is and if they think about leaving, that individual will either threaten them or threaten to harm themselves in order to make that person stay in the unhealthy relationship. The abuser is generally obsessed with power and control. If they do not feel like they are in control of their spouse or have a higher power than them, they will use the act of domestic violence in order to putShow MoreRelatedDomestic Violence in the United States1516 Words   |  7 PagesDomestic violence affects a large amount of relationships in the United States each year. As the times have changed, abuse has become less accepted as a normal occurrence, and society has begun working together to provide awareness towards violence in intimate partner relationships. â€Å"Problems of family violence are potentially the most destructive in our society† (Kurland 23). Domestic violence is a problem that begins in the home, and spreads to affect the world around it. Violence is present inRead MoreDomestic Violence During The United States1174 Words   |  5 Pagesbeen recorded that approximately â€Å"2,000,000 injuries, and 1,300 deaths are caused each year as a result of domestic violence† (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). This harm to and loss of life is due to the negligence of all Americans, in regards to the monitoring and managing of domestic violence in the United States. In order to combat the blatant disregard for domestic violence victims, Americans must support, aid, and assist those who fall victim to this crime, as well as educate thoseRead MoreThe Effects Of Domestic Violence On The United States1634 Words   |  7 Pagesevaluate an aspect of my own culture. Additionally, I will also examine an aspect of another culture from an emic perspective, to better comprehend the behaviors, culture systems and beliefs. I will specifically be analyzing the topic of domestic violence in the United States, by examining the leading causes to this major issue, I will not only be able to better comprehend the magnitude of the affects this issue has in women but also the lasting consequences it has on today’s children. On the other handRead MoreThe Effects Of Domestic Violence On The United States1444 Words   |  6 Pa gesMillion of women in the United States are physically, and emotionally abuse by an intimate partner each year. Domestic violence is a situation that harms and kills most particularly women, children, and families members. As a result, battering of women is one of the foremost causes of injury to women. The growing awareness of how pervasive and destructive this situation is in our society, and the violence that accompanies it, has created a wide variety of programs, shelters, educational endeavorsRead MoreThe Effects Of Domestic Violence On The United States1443 Words   |  6 PagesMillions of women in the United States are physically, and emotionally abused by an intimate partner each year. Domestic violence is a situation that harms and kills most particularly women, children, and families members. As a result, battering of women is one of the foremost causes of injury to women. The growing awareness of how pervasive and destructive this situation is in our society, and the violence that accompanies it, has created a wide variety of programs, shelters, educational endeavorsRead MoreThe Effects Of Domestic Violence On The United States930 Words   |  4 Pagesthroughout the United States. Even though this abuse is evident in all states, some states, such as Kentucky, experiences higher rates of wife abuse than others. As I attempt to uncover an explanation for the high rates of wife abuse in Kentucky, I will discuss wife, or spousal, abuse in Kentucky and across the United States, the various programs offered to battered women in Kentucky, and how cell phones have both positive and negative effects for the victims of abuse. Although Domestic Violence is aRead MoreDomestic Violence During The United States830 Words   |  4 Pages Before reading the first two parts of Til Death Do Us Part I knew that domestic violence was a growing issue in the United states, but it was a surprise to find out that the state that we live in for more than fifteen has been place in the top ten nationally in the rate of women murder by men (Pardue, Smith, Hawes, Hauff, 2014). The first part gave the statics on how many victims were turned away in 2012-2013 from shelters around South Carolina which was a total of 380. The reason why thisRead MoreDomestic Violence in the United States Essay2145 Words   |  9 Pages2009 Introduction The office of domestic violence against women defines domestic violence as pattern of abusive behavior in any relationship that is used by one partner to gain or maintain power and control over another intimate partner. Domestic violence does not just affect the immediate victim but is a widespread problem in the United States. Eighthly five percent of domestic violence victims are women (Domestic Violence Facts, 2007). Results of violence can be health care professionals inRead MoreDomestic Violence : The United States Department Of Justice956 Words   |  4 PagesCurrently in the United States, every one-in-three women and one-in-four men are abused physically by their chosen partner in their lifetime. It is estimated that twenty people per minute are physically affected by their partner; therefore, there are around ten million people every year battered by their partners (â€Å"Statistics† National Coalition Against Domestic Violence). The United States Department of Ju stice defines domestic violence as: â€Å"We define domestic violence as a pattern of abusive behaviorRead MoreDomestic Violence : The United States Department Of Justice Essay1028 Words   |  5 PagesSonia Bola CRJ 101 Professor Watson 5 October 2016 Encountering Domestic Violence Stuart F. Delery, Former Acting Associate Attorney General, (2015) states The month of October is observed as Domestic Violence Awareness Month around the country by advocates, law enforcement, prosecutors, survivors and many others to raise public awareness about domestic violence. According to the United States Department of Justice (2016) domestic violence is defined as a pattern of abusive behavior in any relationship

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E-Commerce Security for Customer Satisfaction in Banking Sector

Question: Discuss about theE-Commerce Security for Customer Satisfaction in Banking Sector. Answer: Article 1: Janda, S. Fair, L. (2004). Exploring Consumer Concerns Related to the Internet This article is reviewing about the eleven individual concerns that may people about the internet. A survey conducted to collect the data to develop the concerns of the consumer about these eleven issues. This aspect establish interrelationship between the consumers and E-Commerce. Descriptive measures are selected in order to compare the viewpoint of the individual demographic group (Wujian et al., 2011). In contrast with this aspect, it is found that people are mainly interested in the online information provided to the children. Here three potentialsecurity issues are highlighted: hacker easily hack the hard-drives when they are online, interception of the credit data and threat from the unauthorized party who is accessing the data without permission. On the other hand it is noted that rather than the male customers female customers are more concisions about their purchase and is more particular about the online thefts such as identity theft, hacking and data theft etc. Article 2: Harvey, F. (2016). A Reference Model for Authentication and Authorisation Infrastructures Respecting Privacy and Flexibility in b2c eCommerce This article is reviewing about the massive impact of hacker on the concerned society. Hacking is nothing but a criminal attempt that harm not only the individual but also affect the society (Azmi, 2002). Hacker likes to create such situation where the authorities, power stations and other technical departments feel like they are destroyed and there is no chance recover their loss. Most of the times the hacker creates problem but the victims does not support he investigation to make them responsible for the massive attacks and disasters. This aspect makes them more comfortable in doing such things repeatedly. When the matter comes to the point that the hackers should be arrested for their doings then the business organizations should consider the identification of vulnerabilities. This identification helps the organizations to examine hacking techniques as well as their possible solutions. They may use a firewall that may protect the used data or transacted data over theinternet. Article 3: Azmi, I. (2002). E-Commerce and Privacy Issues: An Analysis of the Personal Data Protection Bill User privacy is one of the most important aspects that have to be considered with E- Commerce. Tracking of use data such as user choices, transaction details while making any purchase and taste of the user are collected through the cookies, queries etc. in online services (Chandratre Kulkarni, 2014). These aspects have generated a serious concern about the privacy of user data. In the literature, the government has i.e. Federal Trade Commission has published some regulatory acts that will protect the user data from being stolen or misused. FTP has given the chance to consumers to allow their details in the web servers while doing any transaction or some online activities. These measures have protected the user right as well as reduce the chances of data theft. In addition to this, the draft bill established Malaysian government protect the data from being theft. These self-regulatory measures have changed the entire scenario that was making society suffer for this data theft. Article 4: Cheek, P. (2016). Hacking Authorisation and Authentication structure are getting popular throughout the internet. Though this is aspect created massive problems still technology has invented so many ways to resist them, these are Grid computing, company network, academia etc (Chatterjee, 2016). The concepts of product may vary against several factors: strengths, weakness, architecture and target groups etc. Security needs has been changed its realistic approach in case of the business process.Security measure over internet is not generally mentioned nowadays to the E-Commerce providers. Security means security issues related to data protection, privacy and other consequent details must have to be mentioned. AAI provides the consumers to be flexible while considering their privacy. E- Commerce applications are fulfilling all the demands of the consumers as per their choices. Several policies are guiding the consumers for protecting their private data. Article 5: Marchany, R. Tront, J. (2002).E-Commerce Security Issues. The comprehensive study about the technological advancements in the field of online activities, it is found that the technological advancements has introduced new threats to the information system (CHEEK, 2016). Market has developed itself from various perspectives that has revolutionized the entire system of information infrastructure but the concerned threats has impacted upon the organizational culture as well as individual privacy. This literature is elaborating the possible ways to resolve these issues by the regulating measures or laws. There are several reasons that force the organizations and individuals to follow the wrong way of selecting technological advancements. This aspect leads to the misuse of technological advancements. A comprehensive security policy helps the organizations as well as the individuals to ensure restriction to these attacks and threats. These prohibiting measures helps to reduce the cost involved within the system that specifies the economic growth o f not only the nation but also of the individuals. Article 6: Ojha, A. (2016).A Review of Security Issues in Mobile Agent-Based E-Commerce This literature is reviewing the impact of E- Commerce on the present scenario of the business industry. It can be shown form the surveys done on the business industry that E- Commerce is playing an important role in the business industry (HARVEY, 2016). In this literature, the mobile agent based e- commerce is specially discussed. Mobile- Agent based system requires a specific infrastructure base. This infrastructure is comprised of the followings: security, matching mechanism of the agent manufacturing, financial and legal services. These aspects should have to be followed by any information security infrastructure to implement the mobile agent based system. This infrastructure helps to provide the satisfaction and confidence to the business industries in order to achieve their goals and objectives with perfection in the competitive marketplace. This paper is analyzing the impact of the Mobule agents in security perspectives within any system. The above mentioned aspects are very i mportant as mobile agent based technological advancements impacts greatly in the E- Commerce applications. Article 7: Chatterjee, S. (2016).Security and Privacy Issues in E-Commerce: A Proposed Guidelines to Mitigate the Risk. This literature review is elaborating the highlighted security issues of E-Commerce and their resolution measures. Information system and technology has become the most effective and important aspects in case of the E-commerce (Hossain et al., 2015). Information system framework in the field of E- Commerce has become so much popular in comparison with other technological advancements. In spite of this popularity of information, system in the field of E- Commerce the entire set up is getting reluctant as various security threats and privacy-violating measures are being introduced within the system. These threats of related to the information are increasing the deficiency of trust among the users on their application providers. This aspect is also affecting the economic structure of the organization. This paper is describing the techniques and steps required for the restricting these threats as well as these privacy- violating measures. Several steps are provided in this paper in prote cting the user data from theft and other privacy threats. Article 8: Wujian, Y., Yangkai, W., Guanlin, C. (2011).Application of Voice Recognition for Mobile E-commerce Security Mobile E-Commerce is one of the most innovative and trending options available in the E-Commerce field. E-Commerce branch has creating a great impact on the field of technological advancements. E-Commerce has brought everything in front of the user and consumers (Janda Fair, 2004). Mobile E- Commerce is has made this service more compatible with the variable demands of the consumers within the competitive market. In this paper, the new system of voice recognition in the E-Commerce has been proposed. This protects the system in a better way than other security measures taken in the E-Commerce platform. This system is totally user- friendly. The impacts as well as the structure of the security model are described in details in this paper. Article 9: Hossain, M., Fotouhi, M., Hasan, R. (2015).Towards an Analysis of Security Issues, Challenges, and Open Problems in the Internet of Things. Internet of things is one of the most effective technological advancements in the contemporary time. This technological advancement has connected every individual with the help of the internet (Marchany Tront, 2002). In this paper, it is found that the internet of things have great impact on the E-Commerce, E-Trafficking, E-Home etc. In contrast with the huge application of the Internet of Things, several attacks and threats have been found that has highlighted as the main cause of malicious attacks and threats to the information system. According to the researches done on the applications of IoT it is found that there are security challenges and chances of attacks within the information system. In this paper the gap between the security challenges and problems are described. In addition to this paper is reviewing about the security threat models, security issues as well as resolution measures are described. Article 10: Chandratre, M. Kulkarni, P. (2014).Security Issues Related to Web Services In E-commerce. Security issues related to web services in E- Commerce is the matter of concern in this paper. The process of using E- Commerce websites are analyzed in this paper. In contrast with the background of E-Commerce, the impact of web mining is also described in this paper in order to assess the user behaviour on web-based platform. The web-based mining is mainly popular for providing many mining based security algorithm to the E- Commerce system (Ojha, 2016). These algorithms evaluate the customer behaviour with respect to the use of the web applications by those users. In addition to this, the customer behaviour is checked through the rank based algorithm, web mining algorithm and trust rank algorithm. The concerned results of these algorithms are used as the web development framework in the field of E-Commerce. These applications help to build new false hit database to ensure the security of the E- Commerce platform. Article 11: Schlager, C., Nowey, T., Montenegro, J. (2016).E-Commerce Security Issues. In the contemporary times, the impact of E-Commerce platform is expanded in the technological platform. All the traditional businesspersons are nowadays using the E-Commerce system for developing their business platform. This paper is reviewing possible security structures that may help in reducing the security threats and privacy- violating measures (Schlager et al., 2016). All of these security measures are mentioned in this review to make clear the depth of it in concerned technological advancements. There are some comparison is present in this paper between the postal system and internet facilities. Considering the attacks among Amazon, EBay etc are the examples of impact of the threats associated with the E- Commerce platform that is hampering the technological development. This not only affects the developmental perspective of the organization but also hampers the financial growth. There are several security breaches that had been mandated the growth of the technology. All of t he examples provided in this Paper are mainly the concerned responses of the clients related to several E-Commerce platforms. Article 12: Adelola, T., Dawson, R., Batmaz, F. (2014).Privacy and Data Protection in E-Commerce. The most effective and trending technological advancements is E-Commerce. This technological advancement has brought financial growth to the country. In spite of there are several benefits of the E-Commerce but it also has introduced so many threats in the field of information security (Adelola et al., 2014). In many countries, there are laws and regulatory measures that are protecting the rights of the consumers in the field of E-Commerce. These regulatory acts and laws have protected the private data of those users and consumers. In addition to this there are still so many countries that had not been mentioned any law for regulating these threats within their country. This creates rise in security issues within their country. The regulatory acts established within several countries are considered as the self-regulatory acts by the governments of those countries. This paper is elaborating the reason behind unsuccessful approach of government in Nigeria for developing the country. No there is no there intext references found with bold and coloured texts. No there is no bold, coloured text is matching in the self check report that is including more than three words in a row copied from the original source without quotation marks. No the direct quotations does not take more than 10% of the essay. No there is no matches found with bold and coloured text in the originality report that is purely coincidental. No there are no sort of things found in the originality report that is indicating the unsuccessful paraphrasing attempts. Yes I have synthesized the idea from the source and used my own thoughts to write the essay. I have strictly avoided the quotations and used own ideas in the write up. References Adelola, T., Dawson, R., Batmaz, F. (2014).Privacy and Data Protection in E-commerce. Retrieved 22 September 2016, from https://file:///C:/Users/Absas--)/Downloads/974678_2054057501_Privacyissues2014%20(1).pdf Azmi, I. (2002). E-Commerce and Privacy Issues: An Analysis of the Personal Data Protection Bill.International Review Of Law, Computers Technology,16(3), 317-330. Chandratre, M. Kulkarni, P. (2014).Security Issues Related to Web Services In E-commerce. Retrieved 22 September 2016, from https://file:///C:/Users/Absas--)/Downloads/974676_429698479_Securityissues08.2014%20(2).pdf Chatterjee, S. (2016).Security and Privacy Issues in E-Commerce: A Proposed Guidelines to Mitigate the Risk. Retrieved 22 September 2016, from https://file:///C:/Users/Absas--)/Downloads/974673_874000998_Securityandprivacyissues06.201%20(2).pdf CHEEK, P. (2016). Retrieved 22 September 2016, from https://file:///C:/Users/Absas--)/Downloads/974671_515897855_Managingtherisks2005%20(3).pdf Harvey, F. (2016). Retrieved 22 September 2016, from https://file:///C:/Users/Absas--)/Downloads/974668_55223545_Hacking2005%20(1).pdf Hossain, M., Fotouhi, M., Hasan, R. (2015).Towards an Analysis of Security Issues, Challenges, and Open Problems in the Internet of Things. Retrieved 22 September 2016, from https://file:///C:/Users/Absas--)/Downloads/974675_1899884374_SecurityIssues07.2015%20(2).pdf Janda, S. Fair, L. (2004). Exploring Consumer Concerns Related to the Internet.Journal Of Internet Commerce,3(1), 1-21. Marchany, R. Tront, J. (2002).E-Commerce Security Issues. Retrieved 22 September 2016, from https://file:///C:/Users/Absas--)/Downloads/974677_1259820634_SecurityIssues08.2002%20(2).pdf Ojha, A. (2016). Retrieved 22 September 2016, from https://file:///C:/Users/Absas--)/Downloads/974672_1102903344_SecurityIssues03.2015%20(2).pdf Schlager, C., Nowey, T., Montenegro, J. (2016). Retrieved 22 September 2016, from https://file:///C:/Users/Absas--)/Downloads/974670_1767153279_Authentication2006%20(1).pdf Wujian, Y., Yangkai, W., Guanlin, C. (2011).Application of Voice Recognition for Mobile E-commerce Security. Retrieved 22 September 2016, from https://file:///C:/Users/Absas--)/Downloads/974674_777845398_Securityissues07.2011%20(2).pdf

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When dogs cry free essay sample

The novel When Dogs Cry by Markus Zusak is a boy meets girl story but it is more than that. It relates to brotherly love and a boy finding himself as well as boy meets girl relationships. Zusak constantly reminds us of the themes and relationships occurring in the novel. The relationships shared with the characters are emotional and exciting while they take us through their journeys. Cameron is a young adolescent that has trouble fitting in with his age group, he doesn’t have any friends, just his brother Ruben. Cameron wonders why life was wasted on him, he constantly searches for answers to find and understand himself and this is when he starts to write notes about a dog, that represents himself, and what the dog goes through each day of his life and how he sees himself. He refers to the dog as a half scowling smiling underdog. We will write a custom essay sample on When dogs cry or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Cameron has very low self-esteem since he gets picked on a lot, he doesn’t have the courage and bravery to stick up for his self But this all changes when Octavia comes into his life. Octavia is Cameron’s first girlfriend, Octavia helps Cameron to understand himself and makes him look deeper inside to see his true colours, and to bring them out. She teaches him that everyone is different and individuality is what makes you unique. Cameron benefits greatly on what she teaches him and this is what makes him feel a better person. The relationships in this novel are very different from each other. Although these are Boy meets girl relationships Cameron’s and Octavia’s is unique They use each other to help them through their own lives and to overcome their past and present. Octavia is Camerons first girlfriend he finds her when his brother Rube just broke up with her, Cameron keeps there relationship quiet for a while, he didn’t know how his brother would react. Cameron and Octavia grow close while they are together, Octavia tells Cameron some of her secrets and how her mum told her she could never bring a boy into the house unless she knew he wasn’t going to run away from her. Eventually she takes Cameron and introduces him to her mum. Rube uses girls. He usually has a girlfriend for about two weeks until he has another lined up, this gets him into trouble after a while, he doesn’t care about their feelings at all he is more interested in feeling good about himself. Cameron’s best friend is his brother Rube, they get along really well, and they are always there for each other and spend most of their time together. Rube tells Cameron everything about his love life, Cameron looks up to Rube a lot but that changes at the end of the novel. Cameron gets really upset when he finds out that his eldest brother Steve told his girlfriend that he is a loser and has no friends. Steve goes after Cameron and tells him he was really sorry and that he was so wrong about him Cameron forgives him and their relationship grows stronger. Later Steve introduces Cameron to his girlfriend. The true meaning of brotherly love and always been there no matter what shows when Rube Gets into a fight over his new girlfriend Julia, it was three against one pitch black at night, Cameron waited with him for a while but decided they were not going to show so he left, Cameron thought he would be ok since he has never lost a fight. Later that night he woke up to find rube not home so he gets up and goes and finds him when he finds him he is so beaten up that he cant walk so Cameron carries him all the way home even though he felt like he was going to collapse he knew he had to keep going for Rubes sake. This novel When Dogs Cry explores the different issues in a young adolescents life which are very relevant to the age group Markus Zusak is trying to attract. The Boy meets girl relationships are in this novel but they go so much deeper they show us that you are never alone even when you think you are and that any one can pick you up off your feet by making you believe in yourself and show you who you are and how to show your colours.

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American Revolution - New York, Philadelphia, Saratoga

American Revolution - New York, Philadelphia, Saratoga Previous: Opening Campaigns | American Revolution 101 | Next: The War Moves South The War Shifts to New York Having captured Boston in March 1776, General George Washington began shifting his army south to block an anticipated British move against New York City. Arriving, he divided his army between Long Island and Manhattan and awaited British General William Howes next move. In early June, the first British transports began appearing in lower New York Harbor and Howe established camps on Staten Island. Over the next several weeks Howes army grew to over 32,000 men. His brother, Vice Admiral Richard Howe commanded the Royal Navys forces in the area and stood by to provide naval support. The Second Continental Congress Independence While the British amassed strength near New York, the Second Continental Congress continued to meet in Philadelphia. Convening in May 1775, the group contained representatives from all thirteen American colonies. In final effort to reach an understanding with King George III, the Congress drafted the Olive Branch Petition on July 5, 1775, which asked the British government to address their grievances in order to avoid further bloodshed. Arriving in England, the petition was discarded by the king who was angered by the language used in confiscated letters written by American radicals such as John Adams. The failure of the Olive Branch Petition gave strength to those elements in Congress that wished to press for full independence. As the war continued, Congress began to assume the role of a national government and worked to make treaties, supply the army, and build a navy. Since it lacked the ability to tax, Congress was forced to rely on the governments of the individual colonies to provide the needed money and goods. In early 1776, the pro-independence faction began to assert more influence and pressured colonial governments to authorize reluctant delegations to vote for independence. After extended debate, Congress passed a resolution for independence on July 2, 1776. This was followed by the approval of the Declaration of Independence two days later. The Fall of New York In New York, Washington, who lacked naval forces, remained concerned that Howe could outflank him by sea anywhere in the New York area. Despite this, he felt compelled to defend the city due to its political importance. On August 22, Howe moved around 15,000 men across to Gravesend Bay on Long Island. Coming ashore, they probed the American defenses along the Heights of Guan. Finding an opening at Jamaica Pass, the British moved through the heights on the night of August 26/27 and struck American forces the next day. Caught by surprise, American troops under Major General Israel Putnam were defeated in the resulting Battle of Long Island. Falling back to a fortified position on Brooklyn Heights, they were reinforced and joined by Washington. Though aware that Howe could cut him off from Manhattan, Washington was initially reluctant to abandon Long Island. Approaching Brooklyn Heights, Howe turned cautious and ordered his men to begin siege operations. Realizing the dangerous nature of his situation, Washington left the position on the night of August 29/30 and succeeded in moving his men back to Manhattan. On September 15, Howe landed on Lower Manhattan with 12,000 men and at Kips Bay with 4,000. This forced Washington to abandon the city and assume a position to the north at Harlem Heights. The next day his men won their first victory of the campaign in the Battle of Harlem Heights. With Washington in a strong fortified postion, Howe elected to move by water with part of his command to Throgs Neck and then on to Pells Point. With Howe operating to the east, Washington was forced to abandon his position on northern Manhattan for fear of being cut off. Leaving strong garrisons at Fort Washington on Manhattan and Fort Lee in New Jersey, Washington withdrew to a strong defensive position at White Plains. On October 28, Howe assaulted part of Washingtons line at the Battle of White Plains. Driving the Americans off of a key hill, Howe was able to compel Washington to retreat again. Rather than pursue the fleeing Americans, Howe turned south to consolidate his hold on the New York City area. Assaulting Fort Washington, he captured the fortification and its 2,800-man garrison on November 16. While Washington was criticized for attempting to hold the post, he did so on Congress orders. Major General Nathanael Greene, commanding at Fort Lee, was able to escape with his men before being attacked by Major General Lord Charles Cornwallis. The Battles of Trenton Princeton Having taken Fort Lee, Cornwallis was ordered to pursue Washingtons army across New Jersey. As they retreated, Washington faced a crisis as his battered army began to disintegrate through desertions and expiring enlistments. Crossing the Delaware River into Pennsylvania in early December, he made camp and attempted to reinvigorate his shrinking army. Reduced to around 2,400 men, the Continental Army was poorly supplied and ill-equipped for winter with many of the men still in summer uniforms or lacking shoes. As in the past, Howe displayed a lack of killer instinct and ordered his men into winter quarters on December 14, with many strung out in a series of outposts from New York to Trenton. Believing an audacious act was needed to restore the publics confidence, Washington planned a surprise attack on the Hessian garrison at Trenton for December 26. Crossing the ice-filled Delaware on Christmas night, his men struck the following morning and succeeded in defeating and capturing the garrison. Evading Cornwallis who had been sent to catch him, Washingtons army won a second victory at Princeton on January 3, but lost Brigadier General Hugh Mercer who was mortally wounded. Having achieved two unlikely victories, Washington moved his army to Morristown, NJ and entered winter quarters. Previous: Opening Campaigns | American Revolution 101 | Next: The War Moves South Previous: Opening Campaigns | American Revolution 101 | Next: The War Moves South Burgoynes Plan In the spring of 1777, Major General John Burgoyne proposed a plan for defeating the Americans. Believing that New England was the seat of the rebellion, he proposed cutting the region off from the other colonies by moving down the Lake Champlain-Hudson River corridor while a second force, led by Colonel Barry St. Leger, advanced east from Lake Ontario and down the Mohawk River. Meeting at Albany, Burgoyne and St. Leger would press down the Hudson, while Howes army advanced north. Though approved by Colonial Secretary Lord George Germain, Howes role in the plan was never clearly defined and issues of his seniority precluded Burgoyne from issuing him orders. The Philadelphia Campaign Operating on his own, Howe prepared his own campaign for capturing the American capital at Philadelphia. Leaving a small force under Major General Henry Clinton at New York, he embarked 13,000 men on transports and sailed south. Entering the Chesapeake, the fleet traveled north and the army landed at Head of Elk, MD on August 25, 1777. In position with 8,000 Continentals and 3,000 militia to defend the capital, Washington dispatched units to track and harass Howes army. Aware that he would have to face Howe, Washington prepared to make a stand along the banks of the Brandywine River. Forming his men in a strong position near Chadds Ford, Washington awaited the British. In surveying the American position on September 11, Howe elected to use the same strategy he employed at Long Island. Using Lieutenant General Wilhelm von Knyphausens Hessians, Howe fixed the American center in place along the creek with a diversionary attack, while marching the bulk of this army around Washingtons right flank. Attacking, Howe was able to drive the Americans from the field and captured the bulk of their artillery. Ten days later, Brigadier General Anthony Waynes men were beaten at the Paoli Massacre. With Washington defeated, Congress fled Philadelphia and reconvened at York, PA. Outmaneuvering Washington, Howe entered the city on September 26. Eager to redeem the defeat at Brandywine and re-take the city, Washington began planning a counterattack against British forces located at Germantown. Devising a complicated assault plan, Washingtons columns became delayed and confused in the thick morning fog on October 4. In the resulting Battle of Germantown, American forces achieved early success and were on the verge of a great victory before confusion in the ranks and strong British counterattacks turned the tide. Among those who had performed badly at Germantown was Major General Adam Stephen who had been drunk during the fighting. Not hesitating, Washington sacked him in favor of the promising young Frenchmen, the Marquis de Lafayette, who had recently joined the army. With the campaign season winding down, Washington moved the army to Valley Forge for winter quarters. Enduring a hard winter, the American army underwent extensive training under the watchful eye of Baron Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben. Another foreign volunteer, von Steuben had served as a staff officer in the Prussian army and imparted his knowledge to the Continental forces. The Tide Turns at Saratoga While Howe was planning his campaign against Philadelphia, Burgoyne moved forward with the other elements of his plan. Pressing down Lake Champlain, he easily captured Fort Ticonderoga on July 6, 1777. As a result, Congress replaced the American commander in the area, Major General Philip Schuyler, with Major General Horatio Gates. Pushing south, Burgoyne won minor victories at Hubbardton and Fort Ann and elected to move overland towards the American position at Fort Edward. Moving through the forest, Burgoynes progress was slowed as the Americans felled tree across the roads and worked to obstruct the British advance. To the west, St. Leger laid siege to Fort Stanwix on August 3, and defeated an American relief column at the Battle of Oriskany three days later. Still commanding the American army, Schuyler dispatched Major General Benedict Arnold to break the siege. As Arnold approached, St. Legers Native American allies fled after hearing exaggerated accounts regarding the size of Arnolds force. Left on his own, St. Leger had no choice but to retreat west. As Burgoyne neared Fort Edward, the American army fell back to Stillwater. Though he had won several minor victories, the campaign had cost Burgoyne heavily as his supply lines lengthened and men were detached for garrison duty. In early August, Burgoyne detached part of his Hessian contingent to search for supplies in nearby Vermont. This force was engaged and decisively defeated at the Battle of Bennington on August 16. Three days later Burgoyne made camp near Saratoga to rest his men and await news from St. Leger and Howe. Previous: Opening Campaigns | American Revolution 101 | Next: The War Moves South Previous: Opening Campaigns | American Revolution 101 | Next: The War Moves South Two miles to the south, Schuylers men began fortifying a series of heights on the west bank of the Hudson. As this work progressed, Gates arrived and took command on August 19. Five days later, Arnold returned from Fort Stanwix and the two began a series of clashes over strategy. While Gates was content to remain on the defensive, Arnold advocated striking at the British. Despite this, Gates gave Arnold command of the left wing of the army, while Major General Benjamin Lincoln led the right. On September 19, Burgoyne moved to attack the American position. Aware that the British were on the move, Arnold secured permission for a reconnaissance in force to determine Burgoynes intentions. In the resulting Battle of Freemans Farm, Arnold decisively defeated the British attack columns, but was relieved after a fight with Gates. Having suffered over 600 casualties at Freemans Farm, Burgoynes position continued to worsen. Sending to Lieutenant General Sir Henry Clinton at New York for aid, he soon learned that none was forthcoming. Short on men and supplies, Burgoyne resolved to renew the battle on October 4. Moving out three days later, the British attacked American positions at the Battle of Bemis Heights. Encountering heavy resistance, the advance soon bogged down. Pacing at headquarters, Arnold finally departed against Gates wishes and rode to the sound of the guns. Aiding on several parts of the battlefield, he led a successful counterattack on the British fortifications before being wounded in the leg. Now outnumbered 3-to-1, Burgoyne attempted to retreat north towards Fort Ticonderoga on the night of October 8. Blocked by Gates and with his supplies dwindling, Burgoyne elected to open negotiations with the Americans. Though he initially demanded an unconditional surrender, Gates agreed to a treaty of convention whereby Burgoynes men would be taken to Boston as prisoners and permitted to return to England on the condition that they not fight in North America again. On October 17, Burgoyne surrendered his remaining 5,791 men. Congress, unhappy with the terms offered by Gates, overruled the agreement and Burgoynes men were placed in prisoner camps around the colonies for the remainder of the war. The victory at Saratoga proved key in securing a treaty of alliance with France. Previous: Opening Campaigns | American Revolution 101 | Next: The War Moves South

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